Tableau Training in Pune

Opine group provides tableau training in pune which helps students to master Tableau Desktop 10, a world-wide utilized reporting, data visualization, and business intelligence tool. Make your career in analytics by learning Tableau and how to best use this training in your work. If you are looking for Tableau Classes in Pune then the opine group is the best option for you to learn Tableau.

Tableau Classes in Pune Overview

Opine group’s Tableau certification training in Pune helps you learn how to build, organize data, and design dashboards to empower more meaningful business decisions. You’ll be exposed to the data mapping, concepts of statistics, and establishing data connections. Opine Group provides a comprehensive comprehension of Tableau Desktop 2021 Associate Certification training for Tableau programmers and finish Tableau Server coaching to get Tableau administrators. The training comprises 30 hours of hands-on vulnerability to make certain you are left will a sense of becoming a specialist in the Tableau instrument use. We’ve considered the market requirement & invented the path to making sure that you have the technical exposure necessary to swim throughout the interviews without difficulty. The case studies clarified towards the end is only going to fortify the practice of learning how to make you finish to manage the actual world projects & issues that are solved with Tableau. The datasets selected ensures that you learn every choice entirely. With a great deal of business joins you get to understand the job opportunities that none will otherwise. Mock interview queries & the last project which enables you to determine as an adroit in the area of information visualization.

What You Will Learn

Download & install Tableau

Connecting With Data

Creating Views and Analysis

Dashboards & Stories

Course Modules

Tableau Course Contents

Hours: 24

Sr. No.TopicDescription
1Tableau BasicsInstallation & Configuration of Tableau Introduction To Tableau Architecture Introduction to Tableau Interface
2Data ManagementConnecting Excel Sheets
Data prep with Text and Excel Files Cross database join
Data Blending
3Data VisualizationDrill Down and Hierarchies Sorting Data
Creating Groups Creating Sets Working with sets Filters in Tableau
4Using ParametersHow to create parameter?
Use parameter to change fields
5AnalyticsAdding Trend Lines Adding Reference Lines
6DashboardsFormatting in Tableau
Build dashboards in Tableau Build a story in tableau


  • Highly Qualified Trainers from Industry
  • Practitioner’s Approach
  • Assignments
  • Projects
  • Weekdays/Weekend Batches Available
  • Flexible Timings
  • Classroom / Online Training Available
  • Assistance For : Resume Writing / Interview Preparation

Student's Testimonials

About Tableau

Data analysis is very fast with Tableau and the visualizations generated within the kind of dashboards and worksheets. The information that is created manipulation Tableau is frequently known by proficient at any given level in a company. It permits a non-technical person to create a made-to-order dashboard. Tableau Courses in Pune in Opine Group supplies an in-depth Comprehension of the Tableau Desktop Skills. In Opine Group you are going to get substantial insight into understanding visualization, conditional info, scripting, and coordinating and simplifying data. As a matter of fact, with a steep increase in the assortment of Tableau clients, there appears to be a related inflated requirement for Tableau pros around the world. Seize the opportunity and be a Tableau specialist — profit expertise and stand tall inside the discipline of business intelligence aggressive sky-high against the most recent world tendencies. Taking under account the ever-rising requirement of tableau pros, Opine Group has specifically made its Tableau Training in Pune in this way in order to make you experience the very best of coaching in Tableau, so that you are ready to comprehend the requirement for visualization, gain control over the Tableau skill-set, also create significant, persuasive, and exceptionally interactive fantasies and dashboards.
  • The best feature Tableau are
  • Data Blending
  • Real-time analysis
  • Collaboration of data
  • The excellent difficulty concerning Tableau’s bundle is that it doesn’t require any technical or some other programming skills to get the job done. The tool has gained interest one of the people from all industries like company, researchers, entirely different sectors, etc..

    Opine Group is the industry leader in Information Visualization and Business Analytics to assist working professionals to find out tableau and comparable BI tools. We supply tableau courses in Pune on weekdays and evenings out of business specialists. Our Tableau course incorporates basic to advanced degree and our Tableau class is intended to find the positioning in MNC firms in Pune and around India. Opine Group is a top tableau courses in Pune who assist pupils to become visualization specialists using tableau.

    Tableau Classes in Pune

    Tableau Software is a US based company which offers great options to extract the ability of information based on consumer requirements. Tableau is among the emerging resources in Information Visualization and company intelligence. Information in current situation plays a massive part in decision making in businesses and in close future, we’ll be creating a massive number of information. Handling and getting the maximum from this information is now a challenge for those companies. Following the conclusion of Tableau certificate training course, you’ll have the ability to prepare dashboards and create powerful reports.
    The Tableau training class was created particularly for applicants who wish to follow a career in the IT sector as Information Laboratory, Project Managers, or Data Analysts. The Tableau classroom instruction includes of indepth and skillful teachers and practical hands-on experience on the concepts. Contemplating that the Tableau market development, the job opportunities are most likely to rise at a really fast pace in the upcoming future. Our Tableau Training Course is bifurcated into stages so that applicants get to find out more about the path and find a deep comprehension of all theories. Our Trainers have over 10 decades of experience within this business and have worked together with giant IT firms. Our Trainers also run sessions wherein the present market situations are discussed, counselling sessions from time to time are conducted to direct the students to decide on a ideal career path.
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Robust Integration
  • Simplicity of Scalability
  • Excellent Reliability
  • Governance without compromise
  • High Security
  • Powerful Monitoring & Management
  • Why go for Tableau Training in Pune at Opine Group?

    Typical Tableau salaries are increased by 77% greater than the other project profiles. Tableau is the pioneer in regards to Business Intelligence. And there’s a premium connected to professionals that are licensed and trained in Tableau. Opine Group delivers industry-designed coaching in Tableau to form your own career. We at Opine Group supply Tableau classes in Pune alongside hands-on instruction, which assists pupils to unravel real life issues.

    Job opportunities for after Tableau training in Pune.

    Pune may be a prime Indian city for information Technology, making a car analysis and various development businesses. For this reason, Tableau has been heavily deployed within this city which makes the Tableau job chances in Pune among the very best. Therefore, obtaining training from recognized Tableau training institutes such as Opine Group will ease the excel one’s livelihood. We Opine Group will supply you forecasts for tasks.
    Available Tableau Certification course in Pune:
    Upon successful completion of the Tableau course, you will be awarded course completion Tableau certification in Pune by Opine Group.
  • Tableau Desktop Exams
  • Desktop Specialist
  • Desktop Certified Associate
  • Desktop Certified Professional
  • Tableau Server Exams
  • Server Certified Associate
  • Server Certified Professional
    For the ideal Tableau Training in Pune, pick the Opine Group training institute that is still the best and the most-referred training institute throughout the city. The Tableau Training Course at Pune in Opine Group is an extensive class on the most important capability to make interactive dashboards and data visualization. This class could be good for people aspiring to become job managers, business analysts, statisticians developers and testers, and effective data scientists. Therefore, the market is increasing daily and it is very likely that the amount of jobs increases .
    That is the reason Opine Group has made its own Tableau course the way that it’s — strong and comprehensive. The practice otherwise is composed of three different phases that will indicate your journeys. So that you’re prepared to look after every query in a 26, through those periods, the coaches give comprehensive knowledge of the most recent developments. Further, upgrade your abilities so as to produce the utmost of their possibilities that come your way and it is always best to find out new technologies.
  • Tableau Certification in Pune

    Opine Group is an Indian based company that provides the best tableau certification in Pune to extract the power of data according to user needs. Tableau is one of the rising tools for Business intelligence and Data Visualization. Data in the current scenario plays a huge role in decision-making in industries and in near future, we will be generating a huge amount of data.
    Managing and getting the most out of the data has become a challenge for the companies. With the data visualization tools, Tableau makes our work easy. After the end of a Tableau certification course, you will be able to prepare dashboards and generate powerful reports which help organizations to visualize their growth.
    Opine Group Certification is Licensed by all Significant Worldwide Businesses across the globe. We provide following conclusion of the theoretical and technical sessions to Younger’s and corporate trainees. Our certificate at Opine Group is licensed globally. It raises the value of your resume and you’ll be able to achieve leading job places with the assistance of this certificate in top MNC’s of this planet.

    Trainer Profile of Tableau Classes in Pune

    Trainer Profile of Tableau Classes in Pune: Our Trainers and professors explain every technical as well as non-technical concepts in easy to understand language, so the students can grab and learn in a very effective way, and most importantly they will understand it very well. We provide students, complete freedom to explore the tableau subject. We teach you concepts based on real-time examples. Our coach/ trainers help the students in completing their projects and even prepare them for interview questions and answers. Students can learn in our one to one coaching sessions and are free to ask any questions at any time.
  • A certified coach with more than 20+ Years of Experience.
  • We trained more than 1900+ students in a year.
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge in tableau domains.
  • Best Tableau Training in Pune - Opine

    Opine Group provides the best Tableau Training in Pune, which in real terms is one of the leading and most desired after training centers in Pune. The Tableau training course is designed especially for students who want to pursue a career in the IT sectors as Data Scientists, Data Analysts, or Project Managers.
    The Tableau classroom training comprises in-depth and skillful lectures and practical hands-on experience on the concepts. Our Tableau Training Course is bisected into phases so that students get to know more about the course and get a deep understanding of all concepts.
    Our experts/trainers are having more than 10+ years of experience in this industry and have worked with MNCs companies. Our experts also conduct sessions wherein the current situations in market scenarios are discussed, counseling sessions from time to time are conducted to guide the students to choose the right career path.

    Student's Testimonials


    I’ve a passion for software. I have seen many institutes. What I discovered in the Opine training centre that met my standards, so I combined them studied at Opine is a superb experience. Particular thanks to Anand sir, who worked hard and kept us in touch following the class.


    Very good experience and high standard. They makes difficult things quite easy so one can understand that readily without having any difficulty. Had a really amazing experience! This location is must if you really want to dig deeper into the area of networking. They really nailed the term”Opine Group”. Additionally Shubhangi ma’am is just an wonderful mentor! Nobody in this world can beat this guy! yo man! He’s just life altering turning point in Opine Group pupil’s Life!!!


    I thanks to Mentor, I had a wonderful coaching for Tableau. Trainer proved so helpful. They’re providing day to day job that’s more useful and also giving more real time illustrations. There’s a really good guidance for people. Over all its great Experience in Opine Group. Thanks for all of the help.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This powerful data visualisation tool is employed by little, medium-sized, and also by the Fortune 500 businesses.
    Data visualisation is all about telling a story utilizing visual graphics/images which cannot be told by info independently. Data visualisation shouldn’t be mistaken for beautiful aesthetic visuals, however it’s about solving business problems.
    Though there are umpteen number of information visualisation tools that follow the data visualisation principles. Tableau retains No.1 place in the leaders quadrant for information visualisation. Therefore data visualisation training provided by Opine Group is only on Tableau Desktop.
    The detailed course outline is offered on the site. The training covers 30 hours of theories. Participants will also be trained on NodeXL which is majorly employed for Network analysis.
    Formulated by Tableau applications in 2003, Tableau includes an extremely scalable, n-tier client-server architecture that serves web clients, mobile clients, and desktop-installed software.
    There are several reasons to find out about Tableau. A range of them include: Its significant features include information blending, real-time analysis etc.. Its visual dashboard might result in pub diagrams, pie charts etc.. To have a profitable career with Tableau knowledge.
    There are not any specific prerequisites for Tableau course. On the other hand, the candidates should possess a fundamental comprehension of the R and ideas associated with Information Analytics before beginning with this program.
    The candidates can either choose Tableau classroom training or online courses. But, due to the sensible aspect, classroom coaching is suggested.
    It helps people see and understand data. B. Tableau products are transforming the way people use data to unravel their issues. C. Tableau makes assessing information fast and simple, beautiful and helpful.
    For a non-technical person, Tableau may be a life saver because it features the power to create’no-code’ information queries. A. Technically, you are not permitted to code in Tableau. Virtually every functionality is achievable using drag and drop. B. Tableau provides you with in-built table calculations to incorporate complicated evaluation with a click of mouse. C. Tableau incorporates with programming languages like R or Python and it is best attribute for the Data Science career.


    After undergoing civic Tableau Coaching, your employees are masters in Tableau mapping concepts like revolutionary selections and spiritual geocoding; and varied Graphs such as waterfall, pareto, gantt, sparkline, box plots, and market basket analysis. With a steep increase in the number of Tableau customers, there happens an increased need of Tableau specialists across the globe. Enable your employees into tableau expertise and stand tall in the field of Business intelligence competing against the latest international trends.