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There are various Python Training Institutes in Pune, but there is something exceptional and uncommon about opine; is that we provide Python Training in Pune with Placement. It grants training by teaching hypothetical ideas as well as offering practitioner experience. Also, it is a result of this Hands-on Training that opine gives that its understudies can deal with python related undertakings proficiently at the organizations they get reined in after course fulfillment. If you wish to upgrade your academic or professional learning in the field of Python, at that point taking Python Training in Pune with placement by opine group would be the smartest choice.
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Python Training Institute in Pune Course Overview

Here is Python Training Institute in Pune Course Overview which will give you ideation about how we are going to provide you python training. Python is a high-level programming language used for general-purpose, mostly used for web development, software development, mathematics, system scripting, etc. At Opine, we use a complete hands-on-approach, provide lots of classroom and home assignments, teach basic mathematical and statistical concepts required which makes our students fully equipped for diving into the job market.

Python is a very popular general purpose, high level programming language which can be used for web development, software development, mathematics, system scripting etc. At Opine, we use complete hands-on-approach, provides lots of classroom and home assignments, teach basic mathematical and statistical concepts required which makes our students fully equipped for diving in the job market.

What You Will Learn

Accomplish multi-step tasks like sorting or looping using tuples

Create programs that are able to read and write data from files

Store data as key/value pairs using Python dictionaires

Use variables to store, retrieve and calculate information

Course Modules

Module 1. Basic Python Programming 

Hours: 50

Sr. No.TopicDescription
1Setting Up Python in WindowsIntroduction to Different Environments and Notebooks
2Numerators, Operators and Comments and BooleanThe difference between = and IS
3Data TypesString Concatenation, Changing Data Types
4Conditional LogicIf-Else, Working with cases, the first python game
5Loops - While and ForAllowing the user to play the game as many times as they want
6ListsIndexing, methods and storage
7DictionariesIndexing, methods and storage
8TuplesIndexing, methods and storage
9FunctionsDeveloping your own functions and working with in-built functions
10Debugging and Error HandlingDifference between error in logic and syntactical errors
11Object Oriented ProgrammingObjects and working with them
12Iterators and GeneratorsWorking with Loops, Creating our own version of loops
14SQL embedding in PythonBasic SQL and connections
Module 2. Machine Learning Using Python

Hours: 35

Sr. No.TopicDescription
1Setting Up Jupyter notebook
2NumpyArrays, Indexing in Arrays
3PandasData Transformations, Working With Data
4Working With Data – 1JSON, HTML and Excel Data
5Working With Data – 2Data Frames, Index, Outliers, Merging, Aggregations, Grouping Data Frames
6SciKitIntroduction to ML
7Statistics – ConceptsDescriptive Statistics (Variances, Standard Deviations, Co-variances, Bi-Variate Regression (Linear), Multi-Variate Regression (Linear)
8Linear RegressionPython Application
9Multiclass Classificaion – 1Logistic Regression
10Multiclass Classificaion – 2k - Nearest Neighbour
11Vector MachinesSupervised Learning Models
12Naïve BayesProbabilistic Classifiers and Maximum Likelihood
13Decision Trees and Ranom ForestClassifications and Randomised Forests
14Introduction To Keras, TensorFlowRandomised Machine Learning Algorithms
Module 3. Visualisations Using Python

Hours: 30

Sr. No.TopicDescription
1Setting Up Jupyter notebook
2NumpyArrays, Indexing in Arrays
3PandasData Transformations, Working With Data
4Working With Data – 1JSON, HTML and Excel Data
Working With Data – 2Data Frames, Index, Outliers, Merging, Aggregations, Grouping Data Frames
5SeabornUnderstanding the Wrapper
6HistogramVisualisation Objects
7Kernel Density Estimate PlotsVisualisation Objects
8Density plotsVisualisation Objects
9ChartsVisualisation Objects
10Regression PlotsVisualisation Objects
11Heat-mapsVisualisation Objects
12Clustered MatricesVisualisation Objects


  • Highly Qualified Trainers from Industry
  • Practitioner’s Approach
  • Assignments
  • Projects
  • Weekdays/Weekend Batches Available
  • Flexible Timings
  • Classroom / Online Training Available
  • Assistance For : Resume Writing / Interview Preparation

Student's Testimonials

About Python

It’s quite tricky to opt to go for which course. After finishing studies or while studying via the programming language which course you need to go for. There are different programming languages to find out there may be confusion, whether to go. But we want to suggest you go according to recent trends in the industry so that what will happen is more opportunities will be available and you can easily improve your career too. In the event that you wish to improve your scholastic learning in the sphere of Python, at the point taking Python Training at Pune would be the best decision.
In spite of the fact that there are a lot of Python Training Institutes in Pune, there’s something novel and exceptional about Opine Group. It grants preparing by showing hypothetical ideas too as offering hands-on comprehension. What’s more, it’s a direct result of the Hands-on Training which Opine Group gives that its understudies can cope with python associated undertakings efficiently in the associations they’ve got control over following the course finishes.
“Modules” are pre-written Python code that you “import” on your Python program. Since there are lots of tasks that individuals unremarkably do, we’ve modules which people have written that do these tasks for you that they frequently do them within the cleanest and finest methodology potential. Generally, you may see folks confer with “DRY.” This stands for don’t Repeat Yourself, which frequently also interprets as “Don’t Repeat someone else.”
Thus, you will get prepared into a highly asked Python proficient, all set to be contracted by first-class IT organizations. There’s unquestionably no shortage of bases offering Python Course in Pune, Opine Group guarantees an inside and outside advancement of its students in this discipline and also provides the placement after the Python training. The motivation behind why it is not fitting to get chosen with any intermittent Python courses Center is on the grounds that there is not any lack of imitation relief traders nowadays. Opine Group has a fantastic IT professional trainer with industry expertise.
In accordance with current trends, Python is an easy programming language for beginners to start out with Opine Group.

Why go for Python Training in Pune at Opine Group?

Python training Pune in Opine Group can help you construct a coveted career. We’ve incessantly put in attempts to pinpoint the possibilities of python from the IT world. And that’s most likely the main reason why we have been able to make a good name for ourselves in the market. And we leave no stone unturned to make sure our students get educated in a way that they can bring fame and name not just to themselves and their families but also to us.
We boast of some of the very experienced and experienced coaches in Pune, obtaining a fantastic proficiency in concepts and astounding empirical knowledge. And guess what, they train students by applying a student-centric approach to education. As a result, they’ve always been successful in ensuring satisfactory learning outcomes in trainees.
Our courses are just another reason why people leave us the best python training institute in Pune. They’re suited to all kinds of pupils and have been designed keeping in mind the needs, criteria, and expectations of the business by python-trained men and women. We leave no stone unturned to help keep you in the forefront of technology and also see to it that every tiny bit of information you receive from us is correct and applicable to the present-day world.

Best python training institute in Pune - Opine

Opine is one of the Best Python Training Institute in Pune. There are many students and working professionals who enroll themselves for Python Certification Training in Pune at opine group. why? The answer is simple, people like to go according to recent trends of the IT market. According to market search and stats, Python is in high demand these days and as a result, today’s students, as well as working professionals, feel they can boost their career by learning the best Python Training in Pune with placement.

Python training classes in Pune

Looking for Python training classes in Pune? First, you need to understand the importance of the python language.
Being a popular high-level programming language and also easy to learn, The demand for python experts is increasing day by day as it is a versatile language. Python being high-in-demand in streams like Artificial intelligence & Data Science, Web Development, Cloud Computing, DevOps, and Software Testing. So if you are looking for Python Training in Pune with Placement then opine group is the best Python training classes in Pune
Being a popular speech and simple to learn, Python programming language rankings 3rd in accordance with the poll of this TIOBE Index for February 2020. The need of python programmer is quite large since it’s a versatile speech, considered instrumental in AI and information science, and highly suggested for coding in web development.
Opine Group supplies python training in various modules from novice to advance level from the subsequent streams. Students may pick any of those modules. Please consult syllabus for unique modules of python training.
Are you searching for advance PC language classes to boost your abilities? If so, then Python terminology is the best fit for you. Even though most of us understand there are hundreds of Python Training Institutes in and around Pune, there’s something special and one of some sort about Opine Group. It grants prep by showing theoretical notions in addition to offering hands-on participation. Furthermore, it’s because of these fantastic hands-on Training that Opine Group provides that its understudies can cope with Python-related undertakings productively in the associations that they get control over following class culmination.

Python Courses in Pune

Throughout the practical, workable sessions held in our training institute, you’ll have the ability to get accustomed to the latest IT patterns and tendencies. Accordingly, you’ll get established in an exceptionally need to be Python-skilled, all set to be contracted by top-class IT organizations. There’s absolutely no dearth of coaching institutes that provide Python Course at Pune, nevertheless Opine Group promises an interior and outside advancement of its pupils within this subject. The reason for why it isn’t a good idea to get chosen with any random Python Training Center is since there’s absolutely no dearth of fake relief retailers nowadays.
Furthermore, you are exploited due to just one wrong step you take in your academic or professional life. Opine group comprehends your expectations and requests nicely and does each little that will assist you with a fantastic IT livelihood. Apart from this, Opine group supplies flexible batch timings to all of its pupils and attempts to produce batches based on the student’s convenience.

Python Course classes Certification –

Opine Group Certification is Licensed by all Significant Worldwide Businesses across the globe. We offer after the conclusion of their theoretical and practical sessions to fresher’s and corporate trainees.
Our certificate in Opine Group is licensed globally. It raises the value of your resume and you’ll be able to achieve leading job places with the assistance of this certificate in top MNC’s of this planet.
We provide high authorized Python Course classes Certification for every course. Separate Practical Sessions – It is a bit difficult to get practical knowledge about Python Programming Language and so Python Course Certification in Pune. Until and unless you don’t work on Python or any tools used for Python, Considering all this, we have different Practical Sessions.

Python Course Training from Industry Expert

We have a highly professional industry expert with 10+ years of expertise to provide Python Training in Pune with placement.

Placement Team for Python Classes in Pune

We have a separate placement department working on Company tie-ups and Campus recruitment processes. Opine is a leading Python institute in Pune. We provide practitioner knowledge and students have expertise in Python Programming Language as along with batches we provide practical knowledge for every student.

Trainer Profile of Python Training in Pune

Our Trainers and professors explain every technical as well as non-technical concepts in easy to understand language, so the students can grab and learn in a very effective way, and most importantly they will understand it very well. We provide students, complete freedom to explore the Python subject. We teach you concepts based on real-time examples. Our coach/ trainers help the candidates in completing their projects and even prepare them for interview questions and answers. Students can learn in our one to one coaching sessions and are free to ask any questions at any time.
Python Training in Pune with Placement
  • A certified coach with more than 20+ Years of Experience
  • We trained more than 1900+ students in a year
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge in Python domains

    Python, as a programming language, has discovered demand and significance in varied markets of direct applicative significance. The programmers use its instrument library and kits to design software of habit use, and an assortment of areas of the social market have benefited! Here’s a summary of the spectrum benefits that are derived through Python —
  • Internet design & development– Python has distinguished libraries that enable leveraging the most recent website design and development protocols, and so fantastic simplicity is created for the developer.
  • GUI software — program developers, layout smart user interfaces by taking advantage of Tk — a GUI library collection. The toolkits which are platform-specific comprise GTK+, Delphi, and others.
  • Computer software advancement — Python is a fantastic support platform for scripting software applications.
  • Scientific/numeric computations and investigations — Python’s committed toolkits such as SciPy (enables data aggregation in math, science, and technology versions ), Pandas (enables smart information analyses), IPython (supports visualizations, editing, recording, and concurrent computing procedures ) and NumPy (supports complicated mathematical calculations). Software Carpentry Course teaches basic skills towards scientific computing and also for conducting boot camps.
  • Business programs — layout e-commerce and ERP portals throughout its platforms such as Tryton! Another frame Odoo supports holistic small business management during the in-built programs.
  • Instruction — Python has resonated well as a programming language for novices, like from the schools. Easy to use toolkits and library frame creates core abilities in the students.
  • Recreational gambling and smart images — PyGame and PyKyra would be the prominent game development frameworks in Python. The programmer also finds assistance throughout the 3D rendering applications.
  • Networking software — Twisted Python (that supports social media ) finds matches through simple socket ports.
    In any case, Python, owing to its ease of availability and adaptive use, finds active need among the DevOps professionals that operate as a staff and derive improved performance for testing, programming, and managing the software concurrently. It saves time and cuts down the growth cycle to the Customer.
  • Job opportunities for Python Experts

    The requirement for the python course is growing by the day. In the end, it provides immense ease in regards to web growing. And since the popularity of programs is incredibly large these days, the popularity of python has additionally increased parallel. And that’s the reason taking a python class at Opine Group Pune is highly sensible.
    Following the conclusion of this python certification course, you will have the ability to research all the livelihood prospects that the field of python holds. You will find unlimited job chances for a python certified professional. If you think you are able to do well as an IT professional, then you can combine any good web development company. However, your prospects aren’t limited to the field of web development, python has numerous functionalities.

    Student's Testimonials


    It was a fantastic experience to pursue my comprehension from Opine Group. I pursued my python knowledge , the educators in Opine are extremely helpful.Mom constantly helps us to clean our doubts.Whenever anytime we have stuck in any form of programming she assists us.


    It is really an unbelievable institute. I engaged in these courses for the Python course. The environment created by the course is very inspiring. The entire staff is super useful. The best part is the connection doesn’t end with the program. We can constantly clean our doubts. I’m quite satisfied with my choice for the Python class at Opine Group.


    It is a joy to find out from Opine Group. The friendly mentor and the learning environment would be the ideal.


    It was a great experience at Python courses. Trainer was quite good and also had a very excellent understanding of Performance Testing.The class content was for fundamental or moderate degree of proficiency. One ought to also conduct self clinics and get ones uncertainty or queries cleared to create best from their course.Good concept and practical sessions. Helpful to clear primary theories from college members. .the laboratory practice supplied by the coach can also be good.Python courses are the ideal location to enlarge your knowledge in the Developer field. Thank you for the coaching and training.


    It’s the best institute for machine learning Pune based on me. I finished my coaching a couple of days ago. It was a wonderful adventure over here. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable, they assisted me in clearing the fundamental concepts of programming. And the positioning team did a fantastic job since I got put in a fantastic business after finishing the program. Thanks!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, we supply 100% placement assistance for our students.
    Python Programming is quite simple, readable and it is implementation is much quicker. Wherever quick coding is required python programming is determined by no.1. Mechanical Engineers that are at a state of confusion, that are visiting the potential for mechanical businesses isn’t good and want to get into IT, however fearful of programming can begin studying Python first, as soon as they get confidence about programming due to Python simple programming features, they can go ahead and plan to get a profile established classes. Working professionals that are operating in project management, os management, L1,L2,L3 service, event management tools, solutions today, manufacturing support, program support, middleware, manual testing, transform, strategy and launch management, individuals that are working someplace between the clouds and DevOps surroundings may take python training in pune and get started making their livelihood in various profile according to May also take python coaching in pune, it’ll be useful for them to write their calculations in for dissertation project work and also make things simpler.
    Initially anybody who’s new to programming should begin from Fundamental Python class, once they’ll be comfy in programming and will find a belief in their programming abilities they should go on and find out the profiles that are based on Python. Individuals who have a basic understanding of programming could directly go to get a profile based class like Total Stack Development at Python or Data Science using Python or Automation Testing Selenium with Python.It ought to be known this manner, a days Python isn’t optional but mandatory for everybody who’s in the IT field. The course could be obtained, so Fundamental Python isn’t enough, however after doing so it is simple to have a decision where the major stream you need to create your profile.
    Easy programming training is a really important key element to create Python so tough and popular nowadays. Experts state that writing python code is as straightforward as writing English, it’s tens of thousands of libraries and works making the jobs simpler, there’s absolutely no complex syntax and therefore simple to debug the present warning or mistakes.
    Reason is straightforward and plausible, because python makes things simpler and easier when compared to Java or some other programming language everybody wishes to embrace it, python may be utilized as programming and composing a whole program, composing an API and communicating into the os, composing project scripts for automating tasks. In summary Python is a technology that’s not difficult to write, maintain and secure and therefore it’s becoming adopted by the comprehensive world. So, python class in pune Can Be Beneficial
    Python is quite much in demand and therefore everyone would love to learn python class in pune, here let’s make it very clear that python is not any aside from a simple programming language. It’s a programming language that is based on most of simple programming concepts used previously and it’s likewise predicated on Object Oriented Programming concepts. Learning Basic Python could be taught at the length of one to 1nd and a half a month, daily or through the weekends.
    Python is a object-oriented programming language made with integrated dynamic semantics employed for program and internet development. It’s highly important in Rapid Application Development since it guarantees dynamic binding and scanning choices. As there’s a demand for a special syntax, but it’s important for readability only. Additionally, programmers feel perfect to read and interpret Python code instead of other languages. The experts of using python terminology lower the expense associated with the upkeep and development of applications since it allows teams to work together without needing any language barrier. In any case, Python activates the demand for packages and modules, and it usually means that applications can use and design in a modular fashion, and code could be reused in various projects. Concisely, it’s the very best alternative used in programming because after a module or package created by Python, also it may be utilised in different projects and can export or import required.
    It’s also called an interpreted language since the written code does not have to convert into a computer-readable format throughout the runtime. The simple fact, most programming languages will need to convert prior programming. The scripting language is just another title of Python, because it’s highly important in Python. Opine is your ideal destination in Pune provides the practice of studying Python language. We give complete classes to beginners and upgrade the skills of professionals. We begin by the general introduction to programming towards educating about ways to use Python to bring information from the internet and how to operate with different databases. Our class also includes the concepts of the way Python is used for handling large datasets. Briefly, Opine Tech can make you capable to find out various abilities and paths for Python. We guarantee each class in Python in a thorough way concerning supplying videos, interactive drills, and quizzes that make the learning process straightforward and engaging.
    As you understand, Python specialists have a huge potential in software businesses, but you’re perplexed to think if your profile is appropriate for this task or not. Yup! You are able to find out python language without studying additional programming languages. It’s not hard to comprehend and understand as its broadcasts have a human-readable format. Briefly, it may be provided to novices in the discipline of programming, too. On the other hand, the supplier of the language ought to be worthy because it requires thorough knowledge and training. The training component is extremely important since it gets the Python students cheaply able to take care of jobs associated with Python. Therefore, you can begin your career in Python terminology, though you aren’t a specialist in different languages.
    Because you chose to learn the Python programming language, you will find considerable opportunities where you are able to start your career. You’ll Get shortlisted by profiles such as: Data Scientist Python Developer Data Analyst Research Analyst Software Engineer Software Developer At the top software firms, many deductions are started with this work profile, in which the bundles are extremely large too. But, thorough abilities and expertise must fill this job up. Therefore, you may take this profession for your future.
    Explore the content below to understand all about Python is and what absolutely the terminology does. Python is one of the high tech computer languages that has impressed IT professionals appreciably because of the exceptional and incredible semantics. This course is a perfect choice for the development of a quick application. Python is famous for its ability to build in data structures and its ability to facilitate typing and dynamic binding. Python is also known for its scripting language which enhances existing component binding efficiency.
    And the best part about this language is its own syntax, which is not really straightforward but incredibly simple to learn. The language guarantees a low cost of program maintenance and preserves high readability. The language also offers incredible productivity, of which software engineers seem to be head over heels in love with this particular computer language Python. This terminology is perfect for application and web advancement and can be amazingly straightforward.
    Besides all of the things mentioned above, the Python language has many more uses and benefits, which can progress the IT world. The bottom line is this computer language is available to one and all. Most of all, Python is available to all and one. And, if you can find a good hang on the speech, you’ll be a brew to earn some astonishing things with it.


    Practical Training sessions meant to unleash the actual potential in almost any candidate that attempts to master Python theories. The growth of application abilities is subject to real usage in varied orientations & this can be procured only in a sensible setup. Python professionals get acquainted with all the trending paradigms from the Python development framework, which assists them to keep up with the newest features which are being included towards deriving optimum price! In Opine Group Python Training in Pune, this assured for its candidates through their participation in the development teams which lead the actual projects. This kind of opportunity lets them create a finer grasp within the subjects listed above.