MSBI Training in Pune

Opine Group is an IT training institute that offers the Best MSBI training in Pune. We blow off our knowledgeable trainers whom we passionately call our asset. They announced lessons in a unique way putting all of their theoretical and practical knowledge into use. These expert professionals have gained part of their knowledge from their hands-on experience of working with (multinational corporation) MNCs, handling projects based on the MSBI (Microsoft Business Intelligence) technology and related areas.
Opine Group MSBI training in Pune lets you learn this MSBI tool with Business Intelligence Certification. In our training program, you will work on data integration, dashboards, reports, charts, and maps for deriving Business insights which we have given in MSBI Training Institute in Pune Course Overview. Don’t miss the chance to join the best MSBI course in Pune from MSBI certified mentors.

MSBI Training Institute in Pune Course Overview

This Opine Group MSBI Training Institute in Pune Course helps you learn the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack. Here is MSBI Training Institute in Pune Course Overview, which helps you to understand the teaching flow As part of the training, you will master data analysis, integration, reporting, connection managers, multidimensional data modeling, and more and get hands-on experience in real-world projects.
This Opine MSBI coaching in Pune makes it possible to understand that the Microsoft Business Intelligence heap. Included in the instruction, you’ll master data evaluation, integration, reporting, multidimensional data modeling, link managers, and much more and get hands-on knowledge in real-world endeavors

What You Will Learn

Data Modeling, Representation, and Transformation for BI

Concepts of Multidimensional Modeling, ETL, and Transformations in SSIS

Sample of data flow across components

Building and creating charts, reports, and dashboards with SSRS

Generating and processing new data sources and new Cubes

Preparing for MCSE: Business Intelligence Certification Exam

Course Modules

MSBI Course Contents

Hours: 60

Sr. No.TopicDescription
1BI & DW FundamentalsData Warehouse Concept BI Life cycle
Data Modelling , DM Technique Tool Installation
2Database & SQLRDBMS Concepts, Physical Data Design
Introduction to SQL, DDLDML Advanced SQL
3Introduction to SSIS, Control FlowSimple Transformations Advanced Transformations Data Cleansing Techniques Full load and Incremental Load Standard Tasks
Container Tasks
Data Profiling and Testing Techniques Deployment and Job Scheduling
4Introduction to SSAS, Concept Of Multi Dimensional CubeAnalysis of cube SAAS Features
Introduction to SSRSBasic reporting & formatting Interactive reports
Drill down reports Creation of Dashboards
Report Server and Report Manager Configuration and Reports Deployment Role and Access Management
5BI & DW FundamentalsData Warehouse Concept BI Life cycle
Data Modelling , DM Technique Tool Installation


  • Highly Qualified Trainers from Industry
  • Practitioner’s Approach
  • Assignments
  • Projects
  • Weekdays/Weekend Batches Available
  • Flexible Timings
  • Classroom / Online Training Available
  • Assistance For : Resume Writing / Interview Preparation

Student's Testimonials

Best MSBI Training in Pune - Opine

The way we transmit the Best MSBI Training in Pune is that it is in sync with industry standards and needs. Our services include MSBI Corporate Training services as well as MSBI in Classroom training.
The designing of our curriculum has been done in such a manner that all real-world requirements are efficiently met. The curriculum we offer is not just suited to advanced level learners but also beginner students. An important aspect of the training we provide is that it is offered on weekdays as well as weekends which is convenient for students.
Our mission is to provide One-to-One MSBI Training in Pune to make sure the trainees extract as much from the course as possible. The instructors are focusing on imparting A-class training promoted by a lot of practical examples.
Opine Group is the Best MSBI Training course provider in Pune. Our former students and those who know about us give us the Best MSBI Training Institute, which has been making people’s career brighter by imparting Certification-Oriented MSBI Training in Pune. The very best thing about how we offer MSBI Training in Pune is the fact that it’s in sync with business standards and requirements. To be specific, our services that are offered comprise MSBI Corporate Training solutions, MSBI Online Training in addition to MSBI in Classroom training. The design of our syllabus was performed in such a way that all real estate requirements are effectively met. The syllabus we provide isn’t only suited to advanced degree students but also novices. A significant facet of the training we provide is it is supplied on weekdays in addition to weekends for the ease of students, depending on their requirements. And because we provide MSBI Training in Pune on a fast-track foundation, time not surfaces as a issue. The teachers concentrate on imparting A-class training encouraged by plenty of practical examples. Opine Group has lots of branches in Pune. Our previous students and people who understand about us leave us the very best MSBI Training Institute, which is creating people’s livelihood brighter by imparting Certification-Oriented MSBI Coaching in Pune. The training we provide for MSBI Certification at Pune is easy for certain, taking into consideration the quantity of experience our faculties hold. With the conclusion of the class we supply, you may feel confident and knowledgeable to face all kinds of IT interviews. The association between the pupils and coaches at our training centers is well worth getting a note of. The trainees can make certain they will acquire future assistance too out of their coaches. Even though there are lots of advantages of registering yourself using Opine, the largest advantage can be found in the positioning assistance you get. Our intent is to give excellent instruction at reasonable rates, due to that the MSBI Training at Pune Course prices we bill is fairly affordable. We’re the only MSBI training institute that’s capable of supplying video testimonials of our former pupils so you can learn from them regarding the institute. You’ll be amazed to learn how many distinct job-positions it’s possible to pick from, following the successful conclusion of this MSBI course. Wish to reap all of the advantages of registering yourself with a fantastic training institute? Join Opine Group immediately! The Course timings along with also the date of commencement of this class have been dished out under –

Microsoft BI Certification in Pune

You’ll Also Get the course completion certification from Microsoft for Analyzing Data using SQL Server Reporting Services.
As a part of this instruction, you’ll be working on real-time jobs and missions which have enormous implications from the real-world industry situations, therefore helping you fast-track your livelihood smoothly.
In the conclusion of the training program, there’ll be quizzes which perfectly reflect the kind of questions asked from the certification examination and help you score better.

Why should you learn the MSBI tools ?

Opine Group MSBI coaching in Pune supplies you all abilities required to operate together with the Microsoft Business Intelligence heap. MSBI is a potent set of resources offering strong data mining inquiries and BI capabilities with SQL Server.
You’ll be used on real time MSBI jobs and assorted assignments which have high significance within the corporate Earth, and so the program is devised by the business experts. Upon the conclusion of this program, you’ll have the ability to apply for some of the greatest jobs in high MNCs around the world at high salaries.

MSBI Classes in Pune

The MSBI Classes in Pune we offer for MSBI Certification in Pune is practical for sure, considering the amount of expertise our faculties hold. With the completion of the course we provide, you will feel confident and knowledgeable to face all sorts of IT interviews. The association between the trainers and students at our training centers is worth taking note of. It’s strong and friendly, The trainees can be sure that they will get future assistance too from their trainers.
Although there are many benefits of enrolling yourself with Opine Group, the biggest benefit lies in the placement assistance you receive. Our dedicated placement team helps students find the jobs of their dreams. Our aim is to provide quality MSBI classes in Pune. We are the sole MSBI training institute that is capable of providing video reviews of our former students so that you can learn from them about the institute.
You will be dazed to know how many different job-positions you can choose from, after successfully completing the MSBI course. Here are the major topics we cover under this MSBI course curriculumSQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Reporting Services.

Trainer Profile of MSBI Training in Pune

Trainer Profile of MSBI Training in Pune: Our Trainers and professors explain every technical as well as non-technical concepts in easy to understand language, so the students can grab and learn in a very effective way, and most importantly they will understand it very well. We provide students, complete freedom to explore the MSBI subject. We teach you concepts based on real-time examples. Our coach/ trainers help the candidates in completing their projects and even prepare them for interview questions and answers. Students can learn in our one to one coaching sessions and are free to ask any questions at any time.
  • A certified coach with more than 20+ Years of Experience
  • We trained more than 1900+ students in a year
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge in MSBI domains
  • Student's Testimonials


    I knew a fantastic practice in MSBI could enhance my livelihood by many notches. However, I wasn’t having the ability to purchase the asserts IT training institutes were creating from the advertisements. I felt apprehensive about linking any arbitrary IT training center. But I had to select one, therefore I picked Opine. I didn’t pick Opine because I knew a whole lot about it. Things only happened in a leak; I just happened to select Opine. But I can confidently say today I made the best choice of my entire life by connecting Opine.


    How often has it happened that you hear something from somebody, wind up expecting them and repent afterwards? However surprisingly, I did not face any difficulty this time. Actually, I’m thankful, I listened to my buddy. Opine, has changed my own entire life. I’m working in a reputed MNC now and I believe I owe everything to Opine.


    I wished to take a MSBI course as my senior had informed me its likely benefits in my livelihood. However, since I did not know a lot about the town of Pune, ” I did not know the best coaching center for a class in MSBI was. My senior advocated I combined Opine Group, therefore I did! I’m happy about the expansion I’ve made article this training. And there’s not anything about my job that I’m unhappy about. I’m in a great place and I feel I could go places with my MSBI certification made from Opine.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This training gives you all abilities required to work together with the Microsoft Business Intelligence heap. MSBI is a powerful suite of resources offering strong data mining questions and BI abilities through Visual Studio setup with SQL Server. You’ll be focusing on real time MSBI jobs and step-by-step missions which have high significance from the corporate world, along with the class program was created by business experts. Upon the conclusion of this training class, you may apply for some of the greatest jobs in leading MNCs across the world at high salaries. Opine provides lifetime access to movies, class materials, 24/7 support, and class material updating to the newest version at no excess fee. Consequently, it’s obviously a one-time investment.
    Opine is serving Company intelligence fans from every part of town. You can have complete access to our MSBI online class sitting in office or home 24/7.
    Aside from that, Opine also provides corporate coaching for associations to upskill their work. All coaches at Opine have 12+ years of related industry expertise, and they’ve been actively operating as advisers in precisely the exact same domainname, which has made them subject matter specialists. Proceed throughout the sample videos to look at the quality of the coaches.
    Opine is providing the 24/7 question resolution, and you are able to raise a ticket using the committed service staff at anytime. You are able to avail of this email service for all your inquiries. If your question doesn’t get solved through email, we could even organize one-on-one sessions together with our coaches. You’d be pleased to know that you could get in touch with Opine support after the conclusion of this training. In addition, we don’t set a limitation on the amount of tickets you’ll be able to increase for query resolution and uncertainty clearance.
    Opine is offering one of the very updated, applicable, and high-value real-world tasks as part of this training regime. In this manner, you are able to implement the learning which you’ve obtained in real-world business setup. All instruction includes numerous jobs that completely examine your abilities, learning, and technical understanding, which makes you fully industry-ready. You’ll work on exceptionally fascinating jobs from the domains of high technologies, ecommerce, advertising, sales, media, banking, insurance, etc.. After completing the jobs , your abilities will be equivalent to 6 weeks of rigorous industry expertise.
    In addition, we assist you with the job interview and also résumé prep too.
    You can surely make the change from self-paced instruction to online instructor-led training simply by paying the excess quantity. You are able to combine the exact second batch, which is duly notified for you. This certification is well recognized in Opine-affiliated associations, such as over 80 leading MNCs from all over the world and a few of those Fortune 500companies.
    Apparently, no more. Our job aid program is directed at assisting you to land in your fantasy job. It delivers a possible chance for you to explore various aggressive openings from the business world and discover a well-paid project, fitting your profile.


    Practical Training sessions meant to unleash the actual potential in almost any candidate that attempts to master MSBI theories. The growth of application abilities is subject to real usage in varied orientations & this can be procured only in a sensible setup. MSBI professionals get acquainted with all the trending paradigms from the MSBI development framework, which assists them to keep up with the newest features which are being included towards deriving optimum price! In Opine Group MSBI Training in Pune, this assured for its candidates through their participation in the development teams which lead the actual projects. This kind of opportunity lets them create a finer grasp within the subjects listed above.