Business Units Overview

Business Intelligence

Banking Practice

Business Intelligence Consulting services cater to banks and financial institutions that may either be looking towards BI as a solution for decision making process or those who already have BI implemented.

Sales and Marketing Analytics

We extract crucial facts from operational data and enable your sales force to use intelligent insights for quick improvements in selling efficiency and enhanced profits.

Manufacturing Practice

Game changing intelligence to manage the four fundamentals of manufacturing - man, machine, method and material!

School of Analytics

School of Analytics

Learn the science and craft of Business Intelligent from the industry veterans and experts to give your career an identity makeover!

Staffing Services

Engage with us for all the help you require to identify the right resource for your needs quickly, accurately and reliably.

Management Consulting

Managment Consulting

We work with high-potential companies which want to grow by a multi-fold. Tuning into the organization's business goals, our experts dive deep to remove all stops to exponential growth.

Opine Gifted

Opine Gifted

Opine Gifted is yet another unique initiative, where we help to search and identify individuals with high IQ levels through structured tests like MENSA. Further, we train and coach the 'Gifted' individuals to develop strong analytical skill set and approach.